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With Aeon Walking Tours of Paris, you can see Paris like you've never seen it before. One of the world's most famed cities, Paris ignites the senses like no other place on earth. There's a part of Paris that tugs at everyone; it's at once historical, romantic, and exhilarating. Paris also happens to be the world's premier walking city, best explored on foot. A walking tour of Paris is truly a feast for your senses. Our Paris Tours are designed to show you the best sites of the city firsthand. With Aeon Tours, you can explore the best that Paris has to offer - the romance of the Eiffel Tower, the beauty of the Tuileries Gardens, Mona Lisa's secret smile at the Louvre, and the dazzling Notre Dame Cathedral. Whether you're sitting at a quaint French Cafe, strolling along the Seine River or losing yourself on one of her secret side streets, Paris is a city that never fails to impress her visitors.

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Catacumbas de Paris, Montmartre, Museu do Louvre, Catedral de Notre-Dame, Arco do Triunfo, Jardim das Tulherias, Champs-Élysées, Palácio do Louvre, Palácio de Versalhes, Rio Sena, Museu de Orsay, Centro Georges Pompidou, Le Marais, Place des Vosges, Praça da Bastilha, Museu Picasso, Paris, Hôtel Carnavalet, Torre Eiffel, Catedral de Chartres, Pont Neuf, Torre Saint-Jacques

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Paris, Chartres

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