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The secret is out: Brooklyn is hot! Brooklyn, NYC has become a foremost center of innovation, culture and diversity. Its artists, artesians and fashionistas set trends being followed around the globe. Its growing immigrant communities bring traditions, culture and cuisine from diverse international regions. And its proud and colorful history is become universally recognized and cherished. This blend of modern innovation, international culture and longstanding heritage creates a unique, unparalleled environment. One which posesses a distinct flavor and character that can be found nowhere else on earth. The mission of Brooklyn Unplugged is to reveal this environment and make it accessible to all, from first time visitors to natives of New York City. We aim to present Brooklyn in a way that will immerse, fascinate and provoke thought in anyone, regardless of their background. In addition to exploring Brooklyn as it is today, we seek to share an understanding of the factors that led its development to this point, and what lies in store for its future. We do not merely observe as outsiders, but actively participate. The experiences we provide are interactive and encompass all five human senses: sight, taste, sound, smell and touch. Our tours are entertaining, educational, tasty and most of all FUN!

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Vista de Manhattan, Museu do Trânsito de Nova Iorque, Ponte de Manhattan

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Nova Iorque, Brooklyn

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