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Hello, I'm Cherry :) Cherry Travel & Tours is my passion and my full-time business. I run it from Amsterdam. I try to offer a platform for people to meet up, network and connect while travelling to fascinating touristy destinations. Every weekend, and every Holiday I organize a tour from Amsterdam to a charming European city. The cities we visit can be in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, or France. These are the cities we can easily reach by our private bus and enjoy a day or more at. My tours are usually attended by people from different nationalities. Most of them are Expats living in the Netherlands, and some are locals and tourists who enjoy meeting and travelling with people from all over around the world. It's really a unique experience, and a great way to make new friends while enjoying the beauty of different cities. Now please, check my upcoming tours, and let me know if you want to join any of them. I'm always here to answer your questions if you have any. Please send me a private message, or email me at [email protected] See you on the next tour :)

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