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COUNTRYSIDE OF AMSTERDAM There is an area just outside Amsterdam packed with wonderful stories and secrets. Ready to be explored. And of course you do that on the bike. How Dutch can you get? GUIDE Let yourself be carried away by our guide. Feel Waterland, discover the nature, the people, the animals. Enjoy the newborn lambs, see how grebes nest. LOCAL PRODUCTS Go to a Waterland farmer and taste the fresh milk. Try a unique piece of cheese. Discover the special taste of local products. WATERLAND Learn all about “inpolderen”, reclaiming the land, of dykes and windmills. About historical buildings and the stories of its residents. STORIES The stories of Waterland, the “Water Country” of Amsterdam is full of them. Get on your bike and discover them all. "COUNTRY CYCLING. THE BEST WAY TO DISCOVER WATERLAND OF AMSTERDAM”

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