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We are a group of friends aiming to empower the preservation and conservation of the Chilean natural heritage, responsibly enjoying the mountain’s air, the sound of the sea and the slience of the desert. We live in a country with a great variety of natural resources, landscapes, animals and flora; therefor we decide to share it with the world through the Ecotourism. We believe in responsible tourism, so in every activity offered we strictly apply the “leave no trace” concept as rule number one, so the places we visit are allways left intact. We support the cultural, folkloric and ethnic manifestations of the various groups from our country, like the worldwide known “Fiesta de la Tirana”, or the "Cuasimodo" and "Bailes Chinos" cellebrations, offering the possibility to attend to festivals and traditional celebrations, helping local comunities. Our mission is to maintain the natural human-nature equilibrium, by teaching and showing in a friendly way all the beauties, natural wealth and human resources that make up this diverse and beautiful country.

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Santiago, Valparaíso

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