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Welcome to the Netherlands! Experience the Netherlands with your own private guide. Maximize your time and enjoyment during your stay in the Netherlands. With a private guide you will have maximum flexibility. It does not matter whether you are visiting while transferring at Schiphol Airport, as a shore excursion from a cruise ship, as an independent traveler or while traveling on a business trip. holland2go offers tours for everyone and we can adjust the program according to your own wishes. Just tell us what you want to see and how much time you have and let us make your stay unique and unforgettable! Frank, your private guide and owner of holland2go, is a qualified and certified guide. Frank is passionate about showing you our beautiful country and loves to share his knowledge about the Netherlands with you. Frank speaks fluent Dutch, English and German. Frank knows all the hidden gems of Amsterdam but also all the off the beaten tracks in the the countryside.

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Palácio Real de Amsterdã, Distrito da Luz Vermelha, Praça Dam, Mercado das Flores de Amsterdã, Westerkerk

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