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Street Scene Tours is not your typical tour operator. In fact we like to refer to ourselves as atypical.This isn't just some word we thought would make us sound intriguing, nor does it mean we are barefoot hippies who'll greet you at the airport in tie-dye pants (don't get us wrong :-) some of our best friends fit that description). What atypical means for us is something different. Something unique. We are all about showing you the hidden gems that our city, province and country have to offer. You don't need a tour guide to show you the aquarium or cultural villages, for that you need google. We're here to show you the stuff only a well traveled local would be able to truly explore. We want to show you why we love this country so much. The things that touch us about our history, the places that leave us wide eyed at her majesty, and the people that make South Africa what she is. We facilitate experiences, and tailor it to your timeline, budget and preferences.

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Durban, Santa Lúcia

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