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TopDogTours: New York City wants to intimately take tourists through the real streets of New York City, which at times can be an overwhelming and complicated place. Our tour guides are local professionals who take pride in the history, culture, and uniqueness in the city that they call home. It is our hope to take the stress out of navigating the city for people who might not be familiar with it, and explore deeper, for those which are. We offer a truly hassle-free guided experience, which will give you an internal look at what it’s like to live here in the Big Apple.

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Greenwich Village, East Village, Manhattan, Washington Square Park, Stonewall Inn, Park Avenue, Estátua da Liberdade, Battery Park, Ilha Ellis, Castle Clinton National Monument, Little Italy Nova Iorque, Mulberry Street, Queen of Greene Street, Ponte de Manhattan, Times Square, O Fantasma da Ópera, Majestic Theatre Nova Iorque, Memorial e Museu Nacional do 11 de setembro, Wall Street NY, Federal Hall, Touro de Wall Street, Fraunces Tavern Museum, Bolsa de Valores de Nova Iorque, Igreja da Trindade, Lower Manhattan, One World Trade Center, Empire State, Central Park, Plataforma de Observação Top of the Rock, Lincoln Center, Biblioteca Pública de Nova Iorque, Bryant Park, Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Center, Chelsea, Meatpacking District, Catedral de São Patrício, Nova Iorque, Lower East Side, Estação Grand Central, Chelsea Market, Cafe Wha?, The Majestic, Edifício Chrysler, Daily News Building, 42nd Street

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Nova Iorque

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