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At Walk About New York you will find entertaining walking tours of New York City. Walk About New York aims to be the highlight of its participants’ New York experience by providing visitors and locals an entertaining, informative and particular view of the Big Apple. Walk About New York offers four walking tours. They are the Greenwich Village Walking Tour; the Central Park Walking Tour; the Five Squares and a Circle Tour, a unique tour focusing on the City’s five major squares/parks and its only circle; and the Subway Art Tour. I look forward to sharing New York’s fascinating history, its quirky characters and its world-class sights with you. If you are a visitor or a local, let me show you why I love New York. I hope that you will leave loving it too!

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High Line, Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park, New York Skyride, Madina Masjid, Jefferson Market Library, Washington Square Arch, New York University, Aquário de Nova Iorque, Central Park, Times Square, Broadway, Flatiron Building, Madison Square Garden, Columbus Circle, Union Square, Manhattan, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bethesda Fountain, Belvedere Castle, Jardim de Shakespeare, Conservatory Water, Sheep Meadow, Edifício Dakota, Lower Manhattan, Porto de Nova Iorque, Federal Hall, Tiffany & Co.

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Nova Iorque

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