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Enjoy a fun and easy ride of 3 hours to top Athens attractions where we explore off places you normally wouldn’t see on a bus tour driving in traffic sensitive Athens. Especially for you with only a few hours available this is perfect way to see more in less time. This tour is semi private with a small group we follow the least frequent routes possible. Besides the well-known archeological sites, we, thanks to our electric bicycles, go effortless up to Pnyx and Philopappous hill with amazing views, you would not see on a bus or walking tour! Strolling the streets of Plaka with its picturesque corners. No hurrying and stress we will stop at all interesting places telling you stories, leaving you time to ask questions while taking brilliant photos of the beauties of the city of Athens, ancient and modern. Historic, trivial, playful, we have so many secrets to share with you during our visits! We guarantee you will have an exceptional and foremost relaxed experience

We Bike Athens oferece excursões e atividades nas seguintes atrações:

Arco de Adriano, Estação Sintagma, Estádio Panathinaiko, Temple of Zeus, Acrópole de Atenas, Plaka, Ágora de Atenas, Praça Sintagma, Templo de Zeus Olímpico, Estádio Panatenaico, Kerameikos, Odeão de Herodes Ático, Torre dos Ventos, Anafi, Jardim Nacional de Atenas, Olímpia, Mikrolimano, Praça Psiri, Psiri, Cerâmico

We Bike Athens oferece excursões e atividades nestas cidades:

Atenas, Pireu

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